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Guest Post: Aromatherapy and WellBeing Nutrition

Aromatherapy and Wellbeing Nutrition Vanya is a writer at Wellbeing Nutrition, a wellness company based in India that specializes in nutrition and wellness products like apple cider vinegar. She reached out to me via LinkedIn and offered a blog exchange and collaboration where we write posts and/or testimonials about relevant topics for each others' sites… Continue reading Guest Post: Aromatherapy and WellBeing Nutrition

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Clearing Out Baggage & Comfort Cuddles

What Does Clearing Out Baggage Mean? It means taking a deep dive into the places inside me I avoid to understand why a person may want to keep the baggage and clutter around.  What reward or payment is stronger than the feeling of joy and relief that comes from a clean, flowing space? If you… Continue reading Clearing Out Baggage & Comfort Cuddles

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Tea, Clutter & Experiments

How does it all connect? So, tea, clutter & experiments... To start how do you feel about drinking water all day long? Me, I am not excited at all about it. Instead, I make half a gallon of tea and drink it throughout the day. In order  to make space for my air pot and… Continue reading Tea, Clutter & Experiments


Life, Interrupted – Weekly post is delayed

Greetings! I hope you all are practicing social distancing while staying safe wherever you are in this world. If you celebrate, Happy Mother’s Day too. I practice social distancing and only wear a mask when leaving the apartment building. However, circumstances have me considering wearing a mask and/or gloves whenever I leave my apartment… Which… Continue reading Life, Interrupted – Weekly post is delayed