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Tea, Clutter & Experiments

How does it all connect? So, tea, clutter & experiments... To start how do you feel about drinking water all day long? Me, I am not excited at all about it. Instead, I make half a gallon of tea and drink it throughout the day. In order  to make space for my air pot and… Continue reading Tea, Clutter & Experiments

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Resilience and Strength in knowing who we are and what we have is enough

Acknowledging a problem I’ve been having a lot of conversations with family, co-workers, providers, friends and mentors about life in the “new” world. Many of my family members and friends live in “hot spots” like New York and Massachusetts. They are not young, and some fall into the “vulnerable” group. More than a few relatives… Continue reading Resilience and Strength in knowing who we are and what we have is enough

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March Bonus Booklet: An Excerpt for guests

Dear Guests, I realize there may be some skepticism about joining the mailing list. And to be honest, I feel the same way too. The same thing about using the word “donations” to ask people to contribute money to keep this business and Untangled Connections going. It feels awkward and brings out many triggers (a story I will share someday on Untangled Connections). But I still have to make money – at least enough to pay for the upgraded accounts and programs that allow me to share new and high quality content – too…. Then I realized “oh that is why my favorite author’s share snippets and excerpts” because people like knowing what they are getting in advance. And they like getting exclusive content that is not available for free on the blog or in other locations. So, I’m sharing two excerpts from the March bonus booklet here.