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Sensory Movement Challenge Day 7: Dance Like No One’s Watching; Sing Like No One’s Listening; Laugh Like You Mean It; Stay Safe Wherever You Are — Untangled Connections

This is the last day of the Sensory Movement Challenge. Tomorrow's Facebook Live will wrap up what's happened this week and allow guests to ask questions. Remember there is always a way to stay connected and social no matter where you are physically. Please be safe and careful. Use your intuition and sense to make healthy choices. Then on to other topics.

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A Little Faith Goes a Long Way: changing perspective

A Story in Three Parts Faith. Belief. Will - Something Greater than oneself There once was a girl who gave up on everything. Herself. Life. Humanity. All of it. She existed in a place between worlds, deep inside her mind where only dreams and nightmares could penetrate the shield separating her from every day reality.… Continue reading A Little Faith Goes a Long Way: changing perspective

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Self Care Challenge 1/25/2020 (Final day) – Sleep and/or Relax

Action: Sleep and/or rest as much as I want all day and in between food breaks, hydration, and restroom breaks :/

Intention: Celebrate the spirit if not the law of the Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year holiday) by not doing much on the first day of the new year. Also practice Self Care practices like giving myself rest periods, reducing my sleep debt, and giving all parts of my self a chance to heal from everything that happened over the last few weeks by sleeping and resting.

Reflection: I feel like this goal was a success in many ways and a learning experience in other ways. Today is the second day I got to sleep late and wake up when I felt like it instead of when someone or something woke me up. In spite of the dog living above me and being on the second floor, I spent my first two nights getting some of the best consistent sleep in a long time. As in, I slept through the night for more than 3 hours at a time and wasn't triggered by the noises coming from above, beside, below, or from the window of my apartment.

Tools & Coping Strategies

Self Care Challenge 1/22/2020 – Take Breaks

Photo by Pixabay on Action: Take short, long, medium breaks to hydrate, rest, re-fuel and relax in between work and packing Intention: Use the breaks to give all parts of my self time to relax and recalibrate instead of getting stuck in mental anxiety loops, pushing too hard and too fast to accomplish tasks,… Continue reading Self Care Challenge 1/22/2020 – Take Breaks

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1 Small Act of Self Care = 1 Small Success

If you want to read my personal reflection about last week's article on therapy, please go here. I posted an alter story on Untangled Connections.If not, please skip down to today's post about tools and strategies to manifest goals Change = Stress = confusion + life challenges + tiredness....maybe? January has been a big month.… Continue reading 1 Small Act of Self Care = 1 Small Success