Refresh My Space Blending Video: Follow Up from Sunday

Updated Video* - more time on each slide so you can read the text In Case You (like me) Sometimes Feel Anxious About Trying Something New or Different... I created my first Adobe Spark video to show you steps for blending this recipe at home. There is also a bonus recipe at the end. To… Continue reading Refresh My Space Blending Video: Follow Up from Sunday


Aromatherapy: Background & Happy Day Diffuser Recipe

This business is about aromatherapy and its benefits to help manifest goals. It's also about education and support from a trauma-informed perspective. This is why I started with coping strategies and sharing knowledge first. These posts (I hope) shared enough parts of me to earn your respect and trust in my knowledge and experience.

Aromatherapy is something I stumbled into from many different directions. My first experience came from extreme skin allergies and sensitivities to common household cleaners and laundry detergents. Aromatherapy came up again during my time in group therapy. And more often in my own research about living a more natural lifestyle - i.e. one that helped relieve some of the constant physical pain without use of medication or surgery - on a budget.

That said, today's post is about aromatherapy and diffusers.