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Learning from mistakes: backorders & certification

Learning From Mistakes We all make mistakes once in a while. The important part is learning from mistakes - not making them. Mistake 1: Not Double Checking My Ingredient Orders So here I am with not many orders thinking I have everything I need to make all my inhalers. And whatever I don't have will… Continue reading Learning from mistakes: backorders & certification

Big News! Store Opening
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Scent Reflections Store Soft Opening

Web Store Soft Opening It's finally here! Thank you all for continued patience and sticking with Scent Reflections through the store's creation process. The online store is open with a curated selection of products and stock. We are working hard to troubleshoot bugs and other technical issues while preparing the rest of the product offerings.… Continue reading Scent Reflections Store Soft Opening


Self Care Challenge: 1/20/2020 – Aromatherapy Inhaler for Emotional Support & Panic Attacks

Action: Smell essential oil blend in the aromatherapy inhaler when I felt triggered, overwhelmed, or distracted at work.

Intention: Use the essential oil blend to bring me back to the present moment when I feel triggered or stressed out.

Reflection: Some people call it a “power pause”. Others call it “mindfulness”. I personally call it a sensory grounding strategy that provides emotional support + cold/flu/allergy prevention by engaging my senses – smell and vision.