Happy Holidays from Scent Reflections

Scented Seasons Greetings from TJ & Gale

how do you remember the holidays? I remember with scented seasons greetings - aromatherapy, chai, and fragrant foods My memories are full of smells, sounds and flavors. I don't remember the visuals as much, but maybe that's because I often spent the holidays in the kitchen or near the Christmas trees. Snow has its own… Continue reading Scented Seasons Greetings from TJ & Gale


ADMIN: Holiday Break; see you next week — Untangled Connections

Dear Guests, This weekend is Memorial Day weekend in the US – first official weekend of summer and a holiday to honor/remember the people who died serving in the military. It’s also a 3 day weekend for me so I’m taking my first “break” here since January 2020. Yup, it’s been that long since I […]ADMIN:… Continue reading ADMIN: Holiday Break; see you next week — Untangled Connections

Tools & Coping Strategies

Self Care Challenge 1/25/2020 (Final day) – Sleep and/or Relax

Action: Sleep and/or rest as much as I want all day and in between food breaks, hydration, and restroom breaks :/

Intention: Celebrate the spirit if not the law of the Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year holiday) by not doing much on the first day of the new year. Also practice Self Care practices like giving myself rest periods, reducing my sleep debt, and giving all parts of my self a chance to heal from everything that happened over the last few weeks by sleeping and resting.

Reflection: I feel like this goal was a success in many ways and a learning experience in other ways. Today is the second day I got to sleep late and wake up when I felt like it instead of when someone or something woke me up. In spite of the dog living above me and being on the second floor, I spent my first two nights getting some of the best consistent sleep in a long time. As in, I slept through the night for more than 3 hours at a time and wasn't triggered by the noises coming from above, beside, below, or from the window of my apartment.