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Coping Challenges: Racism is a problem everyone experiences — Untangled Connections

It probably doesn't seem like the type of topic to write about here, but racism is a valid topic because it causes stress, tension, emotional distress, and challenging work/life environments that can negatively impact an individual or group of people's lives. Racism these days is not always obvious or clear these days, but it exists and impacts people all the time.

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Being brave like the friendly neighborhood birds

Still, going out in the world at this time feels brave to me. I am mildly agoraphobic and experience panic attacks outside of my comfort zone. Right now, I don't have a comfort zone outside of my apartment - new neighborhood, new transit lines, new neighbors - so even going to the balcony feels scary. And when the fire alarms in my building went off that afternoon - well I'm happy it was taken care of promptly and we all were able to go back inside relatively fast. And yes, I stayed far away from the crowds while keeping the building in sight; better that way after I accidentally got startled when a friendly boxer dog tried to say hi.

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Sensory Movement Challenge Day 3: Curve Balls, a restless nap, and cleaning

Exercise 1: Kitchen Fun/Guilty Pleasure Dinner What a day. 4 hours at work. Then I planned to do some house cleaning and laundry. Want to organize my kitchen so that I can try out the new combination convection oven/air fryer. It was going to be a guilty pleasure dinner night - oven baked or air… Continue reading Sensory Movement Challenge Day 3: Curve Balls, a restless nap, and cleaning

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Movement Challenge – 6 days and counting

I woke up this morning feeling emotionally lighter than normal. In fact, I laughed at the circumstances since it was an "oh crap, I overslept. Thank (your word) I work from home" kind of start. But it got me moving. I couldn't sit still to work, but I did experience improved concentration compared to yesterday.… Continue reading Movement Challenge – 6 days and counting