Beware Scams & Social Media Learning Curves

Yikes! Beware of Scams Yeah, I'm dating myself with the "Yikes!", but it feels right since I feel overwhelmed with the social media learning curves. This weekend I am on vacation and working hard to learn how social media works so that I can improve my posts there and here too. One of the things… Continue reading Beware Scams & Social Media Learning Curves

Big News! Store Opening
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Scent Reflections Store Soft Opening

Web Store Soft Opening It's finally here! Thank you all for continued patience and sticking with Scent Reflections through the store's creation process. The online store is open with a curated selection of products and stock. We are working hard to troubleshoot bugs and other technical issues while preparing the rest of the product offerings.… Continue reading Scent Reflections Store Soft Opening

Untangled Connections Banner

ADMIN: Added a store page; updated privacy policy page

I’m making changes and adding to the website. Long overdue is a storefront and option for my Untangled Connections guests to support the blog and get access to writing and blogging content. The privacy policy has been updated and a store page added, but not in the menu yet. For more info, keep reading