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Aromatherapy Can Help People Set and Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries: what are they? Boundaries are rules and limits people use to keep themselves and the people around them safe in many different ways. They can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or verbal. Most important, though, boundaries show and tell other people how far they can push themselves and others before they cross lines. When… Continue reading Aromatherapy Can Help People Set and Maintain Healthy Boundaries

infinity loop crystal grid
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Trauma-informed Care – and why we all deserve it

So what is trauma-informed care? My Definition: trauma-informed care means finding providers who listen actively and with compassion, accept me and my experiences as real and valid, and work with me (instead of blaming me or disregarding my concerns) through different challenges associated with getting medical care. Here are some definitions from Harvard Medical School… Continue reading Trauma-informed Care – and why we all deserve it


Life, Interrupted – Weekly post is delayed

Greetings! I hope you all are practicing social distancing while staying safe wherever you are in this world. If you celebrate, Happy Mother's Day too. I practice social distancing and only wear a mask when leaving the apartment building. However, circumstances have me considering wearing a mask and/or gloves whenever I leave my apartment... Which… Continue reading Life, Interrupted – Weekly post is delayed


Crystals & Crystal Grids: Change your Environment by Changing the Energy flow

Decorating is not a strong point for me because I always feel constricted by the lease rules. And have fear triggers about putting things on walls. Triggers about creating art and displaying my preferences outside of my head. That makes me feel vulnerable because I'm claiming a space as mine. And because I'm practicing self care by doing this. Decorating a home, for me, means taking psychology coping techniques and strategies meant for my mind and applying them to my physical world. It means creating an alter space for mediation and spiritual practice too. In other words, practicing integration of mind/body/spirit. ------------------------------------- he nice thing about crystals and crystal grids is that they lie on flat surfaces and do not take up a lot of space. You can use a pre-made grid or create your own groupings. You decide on the types of crystals you use, color combinations, and sizes/shapes too. If you don't want them flat, you can put them in bags and hang them on walls or door knobs. You can turn them into wired cage jewelry or sculptures too if you know how to work with metal or other materials.