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Trauma-informed Care – and why we all deserve it

So what is trauma-informed care? My Definition: trauma-informed care means finding providers who listen actively and with compassion, accept me and my experiences as real and valid, and work with me (instead of blaming me or disregarding my concerns) through different challenges associated with getting medical care. Here are some definitions from Harvard Medical School… Continue reading Trauma-informed Care – and why we all deserve it


Life, Interrupted – Weekly post is delayed

Greetings! I hope you all are practicing social distancing while staying safe wherever you are in this world. If you celebrate, Happy Mother's Day too. I practice social distancing and only wear a mask when leaving the apartment building. However, circumstances have me considering wearing a mask and/or gloves whenever I leave my apartment... Which… Continue reading Life, Interrupted – Weekly post is delayed

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Resilience and Strength in knowing who we are and what we have is enough

Acknowledging a problem I've been having a lot of conversations with family, co-workers, providers, friends and mentors about life in the "new" world. Many of my family members and friends live in "hot spots" like New York and Massachusetts. They are not young, and some fall into the "vulnerable" group. More than a few relatives… Continue reading Resilience and Strength in knowing who we are and what we have is enough

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Sensory Movement Challenge Day 7: Dance Like No One’s Watching; Sing Like No One’s Listening; Laugh Like You Mean It; Stay Safe Wherever You Are — Untangled Connections

This is the last day of the Sensory Movement Challenge. Tomorrow's Facebook Live will wrap up what's happened this week and allow guests to ask questions. Remember there is always a way to stay connected and social no matter where you are physically. Please be safe and careful. Use your intuition and sense to make healthy choices. Then on to other topics.

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Movement Challenge – I tried to make a video and can’t get it to work on WordPress; will try again soon

I made an unedited "live" video for tonight, but don't know how to compress the video enough to make it look good here on WordPress. Every time I upload, it looks fuzzy and blurry and takes forever. Not sure you'd even be able to watch it.

So I'm going back to the thinking board tomorrow to try again.

Today, though, I'll share some thoughts about coronavirus: