Aromatherapy: Blending with synergy from Jennifer Peace Rhind

Aromatherapy Can Help People Set and Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries: what are they? Boundaries are rules and limits people use to keep themselves and the people around them safe in many different ways. They can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or verbal. Most important, though, boundaries show and tell other people how far they can push themselves and others before they cross lines. When… Continue reading Aromatherapy Can Help People Set and Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Creating Change

Is Your Therapy a Codependent Relationship? — Emotional Sobriety Means Healing Mind, Body, and Soul – from Emotional Sobriety blog

I follow KBerman through the Untangled Connections website and plan to follow her here too. She provides insight and resources that are helpful and unique to her recovery journey.

Therapy is not for everyone, but it is an effective tool to help people make positive changes in their lives. While I need the support of regular therapy sessions for my recovery journey, not everyone does. Ms. Berman provides an excellent case for using therapy short-term instead of long term and why/how it can be useful that way.

Reflection question: How can therapy support you as you work towards these health and wellness challenges? - if you decide to try therapy