Professional Experience

Aromatherapy Studies

I started learning aromatherapy as part of a coping technique called sensory grounding. The purpose of sensory grounding is to use smell, touch, taste, sight, or sound to bring a person back to the present moment. It worked so well that my curiosity was piqued and started me on another learning path. Studying aromatherapy taught and continues to teach me how to support my own health by listening to the signals my body shares through sensory information.

Between grounding coping strategies and health support through the topical or inhaled application of essential oils, my overall well being has improved. The physical pain eases and allows me to be more active. The anxiety lessens so that I can sleep better. My apartment home smells better and feels energetically positive so that my spirit has room to breathe and grow in a safe space.

Trauma-Informed, Integrated Healing: what is this?

Background and definition

There is a term in the medical community called “trauma-informed”. All it means is that a trauma-informed provider is a) aware that survivors of trauma have specific needs to feel safe and respond to care; b) knowledgable or experienced in techniques and methodologies to work with survivors and support them in their health and wellness goals; c) willing and able to work with survivors from a place of compassion, kindness, honesty, and non-judgmental acceptance of whatever the trauma survivor shares as a patient.

As a survivor of trauma, I’ve worked with many different medical, mental health, and alternative medicine providers to understand that finding trauma-informed practitioners takes persistence and patience. They are not easy to find; often have many patients with few openings for new patients; and do not always accept my medical insurance. Or have limits on what medical insurance will cover that do not meet my needs.

My Philosophy

In working with these providers, I’ve learned how to provide trauma-informed care into every day interactions with people and my budding aromatherapy practice.

I have two main goals:

  • Share knowledge about essential oils and their healing properties.
    • Offer ready made, oil-based aromatherapy products to support healthy lifestyle choices and reduce the effects of stress or triggers through non-invasive, sensory-based coping strategies.
    • Educate clients about sensory-based, mental health coping strategies and meditation that work well with aromatherapy to reduce stress
  • Empower clients to be assertive and take control of their wellness choices.
    • Show clients how aromatherapy supports their existing health practices.
    • Create custom oil-based aromatherapy blends to support specific health issues and general well being.

Certified Essential Oil Specialist:

In 2019, I earned my first aromatherapy certification from the Aromahead Institute. Currently I am working on the second certification to become a certified aromatherapist. Then work to build a business helping people support their wellness goals and existing treatment plans through trauma-informed, integrated healing strategies that incorporate aromatherapy, meditation, and psychology-based sensory grounding coping strategies.

Writer, Blogger, Resource Coordinator

I wear many hats and am working hard to integrate the different parts of my life. For more information about my personal story, check out the About Me page. For background about my professional experience, please continue reading.


Writing has been part of my life since childhood. I love sharing information and helping people learn ways to empower themselves. In my other life, I write articles, copy edit and help design custom reports for clients, and collaborate with teams to create internal documentation. None of this gets published under my name, but I am a published writer in this way. Working for a corporation meets my financial needs, is interesting, and offers many challenges. But it doesn’t satisfy my soul or life purpose.


In 2014, I started a resource website and blog for trauma survivors. My goal was to create a safe, anonymous, inclusive, accepting space for guests to find resources when none appear to exist. It wasn’t meant to get lots of followers or make money. As long as my posts and resource links helped trauma survivors and their connections feel hope, get help, and make their own choices, I felt (and still feel) successful. My personal story is woven in through the different posts as I share my experiences with trauma and offer support to others in similar situations. You can learn more by visiting

Resource Coordinator:

In both my jobs (paid and volunteer), I connect people with the resources they need to do their jobs or achieve goals. It’s part of having a service-oriented mind set and allows me to feel fulfilled in both worlds. I truly love helping others learn and achieve their goals in a respectful, compassionate, accepting yet assertive manner. With this new business, I hope to expand on that by supporting clients on their personal journeys towards healing and wellness.

This is all part of what I’d like to share with others through an integrative approach to helping others achieve their wellness goals.

Art Gallery

As you learned above, I am a writer. But I’m also an artist who works with crystals to create grids and designs meant to manifest dreams, goals, and positive affirmations for others. Click here to view some of my creations. For writing portfolio and business work samples, click here.