First Product Consultation


Work 1 on 1 with a trained essential oil specialist to get an aromatherapy product that contains an essential oil blend tailored to your specific goals and preferences. Fill out the survey and discuss your options via Zoom or a phone call.

Free shipping (included in the price of  this product for U.S. residents only) or $10 flat fee shipping for customers outside of the United States.


30-60 minute consultation with survey in order to determine:

  • create a custom blend
    • client’s scent preferences (florals, woodsy, herbs, citrusy, warm/cool, etc.)
    • client’s textural preferences for topical blend (light (roll on), medium (massage oil), thick (salve)
  • choose a product type (inhalation or topical)
    • inhaler, diffuser blend, stock blend, room or linen spray kit
    • salve, body butter, liquid soap, bath salts, oil-based roll on lotion, massage oil
  • confirm shipping and delivery times (USPS priority flat rate shipping or UPS shipping based on weight and container size)

Research includes safety checks, product matching, and custom mixing.

1 review for First Product Consultation

  1. TJ

    TJ was unbelievably patient and helpful in our consultation sessions. I tried several products from Scent Reflections such as the hand soap and all of them were great. I would recommend this to anyone interested in trying aroma therapy. ~ Jason C., Vancouver, BC

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