Privacy Policy

Types of Personal Information this site may collect

  • Name, email, phone number
  • mailing address
  • credit card or bank payment information
  • health or medical information required to create customized aromatherapy blends

Promise of Confidentiality

All information shared with me is confidential and not shared with outside parties unless specified in a signed release form or necessary by law. Permission from a signed release form can be revoked in writing (email or USPS mail) at any time.

Conditions for Information Sharing:Federal, State, Local law requires me to disclose information in accordance with existing mandates.

Your information will not be sold or shared with third parties.

Your information will not be used in sales or marketing campaigns without your informed consent.

Case Studies and Aromatherapy sessions

Participation in a case study session requires me to share non-identifying information with my instructor or mentor for educational, professional, or experiential support to provide the best product for my client. Permission (via signed release form) can be revoked at any time in writing.

Participation in a custom aromatherapy session requires the client to share some information through a Google Forms survey. That information will not be shared with outside parties at any time per the terms of the Privacy Policy listed above.

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