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Clearing Out Baggage & Comfort Cuddles

What Does Clearing Out Baggage Mean? It means taking a deep dive into the places inside me I avoid to understand why a person may want to keep the baggage and clutter around.  What reward or payment is stronger than the feeling of joy and relief that comes from a clean, flowing space? If you… Continue reading Clearing Out Baggage & Comfort Cuddles

Crystal Grid for Improved Communication
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Tea, Clutter & Experiments

How does it all connect? So, tea, clutter & experiments... To start how do you feel about drinking water all day long? Me, I am not excited at all about it. Instead, I make half a gallon of tea and drink it throughout the day. In order  to make space for my air pot and… Continue reading Tea, Clutter & Experiments

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Coping Challenges: Racism is a problem everyone experiences — Untangled Connections

It probably doesn’t seem like the type of topic to write about here, but racism is a valid topic because it causes stress, tension, emotional distress, and challenging work/life environments that can negatively impact an individual or group of people’s lives. Racism these days is not always obvious or clear these days, but it exists and impacts people all the time.

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UPDATED: Trauma-informed Care – and why we all deserve it

(Acceptance + Kindness + Active Listening)*2Empathy = Trauma-informed CareSCent reflections definition of trauma-informed care In other words:being treated as equals by practitioners and professionals when asking for and receving all kinds of care. These people: listen actively and with compassionaccept you and your experiences as real and validwork with you through different challenges associated with… Continue reading UPDATED: Trauma-informed Care – and why we all deserve it

Creating Change, Tools & Coping Strategies

Be Well Message

Dear Guests, I hope you all are doing well and staying safe with the coronavirus scare. In times like this, it’s not easy to stay healthy, be positive, and find moments of laughter or joy to balance the fear, frustration, or other negative sensations that may rise. For people who enjoy being active outside and/or interacting with others face-to-face, this is an especially challenging time. Being confined alone or with others for extended periods of time can bring out the best and the worst in relationships or highlight things we’ve all tried to ignore or deny about ourselves and each other. Tempers get roused easily. People react and act to stuff they normally wouldn’t. Maybe out of fear. Maybe out of frustration. Maybe the stressful times are their version of an excuse for behaving in such ways? Please remember that we still have choices. We can choose react from a position of fear-based choices. We can to argue and fight and lose our tempers. Be angry at the world and socialize and continue with our routines like nothing is going on (denial). We can ignore government mandates and health authority warnings. We can let prejudice rule our opinions and influence our interactions with others. We can choose to feel and express anger in ways that hurt ourselves and the people around us. Or we can choose to to react from a position of love-based choices. We can use effective communication and compromise strategies. Use Active Listening skills to to ourselves and each other. Check in from a position of love and acceptance. Be kind to ourselves and each other no matter how scared or stressed out we feel. And most important, express our fear, anger, shame, or other negative emotions in healthy ways that support us and the others around us instead of hurting ourselves and those other people. Sometimes we might not have choices in how we act or react. Instinct and learned behavior (i.e. survival skills) override everything else when we feel overwhelmed or pushed too far. In situations like that, when “the damage is done” we till have choices to make. We can pretend nothing happened. We can continue to escalate the negativity and cause more damage to an existing relationship until nothing is left. We can acknowledge the situation and try to make reparation and/or amends or listen with compassion to the other party and work out a solution. We can acknowledge our part in what happened, reflect on the situation, and work out ways to prepare for future ones. Maybe preventative actions or a coping strategy? But no matter what, we humans are a resilient species. And we can survive this. We will survive and learn to thrive in the changed and changing world. I believe in you. Please believe in yourselves too.