Herbs & Oil in the jar
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Rose & Chamomile – Herb Infused Oil Fun

Olive Oil infused with Chamomile flowers and Rose Petals The oil in this jar is the product of herbs & oil infused over 2 months. Thrive Market olive oil mixed with dried rose petals and chamomile flowers from Mountain Rose Herbs filled most of this 16oz mason jar for about 2-4 months. Why so long? Because… Continue reading Rose & Chamomile – Herb Infused Oil Fun

Finished Aromatherapy Blends
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Custom Aromatherapy Blends – A Scent Tailored to Suit your needs

What is a custom aromatherapy blend? A specific blend of essential oils (not more than 5) combined together to create an amazing scent and support a specific goal. How is the blend used/applied? That depends on the individual using the blend. In the photo above, I have a sleep inhaler with a DIY tag to… Continue reading Custom Aromatherapy Blends – A Scent Tailored to Suit your needs

infinity loop crystal grid
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Trauma-informed Care – and why we all deserve it

So what is trauma-informed care? My Definition: trauma-informed care means finding providers who listen actively and with compassion, accept me and my experiences as real and valid, and work with me (instead of blaming me or disregarding my concerns) through different challenges associated with getting medical care. Here are some definitions from Harvard Medical School… Continue reading Trauma-informed Care – and why we all deserve it

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Being brave like the friendly neighborhood birds

Still, going out in the world at this time feels brave to me. I am mildly agoraphobic and experience panic attacks outside of my comfort zone. Right now, I don’t have a comfort zone outside of my apartment – new neighborhood, new transit lines, new neighbors – so even going to the balcony feels scary. And when the fire alarms in my building went off that afternoon – well I’m happy it was taken care of promptly and we all were able to go back inside relatively fast. And yes, I stayed far away from the crowds while keeping the building in sight; better that way after I accidentally got startled when a friendly boxer dog tried to say hi.