Challenge or Thrive?

Store Changes and Life

Store Changes

My technophobia is real as you may have noticed from the store disappearing. There was a bug that created a problem, and I ignored it until everything was deleted.?


Because I was procrastinating about writing this blog post. I got stuck trying to make store changes and felt frustrated because my fears had me paralyzed with indecision. 

Between a new job and personal/family changes, I didn’t have time to focus on the business this year. My priorities changed as COVID affected my job security and my loved ones in many ways.

I am Gentle With Myself

Closing the LLC, but still open as a sole proprietorship

http://www.woocommerce.comNo, this is not an admission of failure because I didn’t fail even though I couldn’t make the store changes I wanted with WooCommerce. That was on me for not putting in the time to learn the program once I realized it didn’t fit my goals.

The business was a success even though it did not make a lot of money. Lessons learned, experience, skills, and fun making products make this adventure successful.

I am a kinesthetic learner who learns best by DOING. That means going through all the steps and learning from my mistakes as I go on.  And as I learn from my mistakes, face my personal fears and triggers head on sometimes.

There was a lot about the WooCommerce platform and my own personal hangups that got in the way of creating the store of my dreams. And yes I had an image in my mind of what the store would look like.

So until I find a store platform that works with my vision and improve my photography/layout for images,Scent Reflections will not be selling products like before.

How to Buy

The inhalers, body butters, lip balms, and custom blends are still available. The store changes are a work – in – progress, but I will add links when it is available again.

If you are interested in making a purchase, please send an e-mail to hello(at)scentreflections(dot)com with your questions and product requests.


Like I said earlier, my job changed unexpectedly this year. I moved from one operating company to another within the main company and took on new responsibilities that sometimes made work hours unpredictable.

Self Awareness = Self Empowered

Family Losses

Then there was family loss. Three family members died this year. Not from COVID, but my guess would be stress associated with COVID, lockdown, and change.

Because of the  travel restrictions and my current health/lifestyle choices, I couldn’t attend any of the funerals or wakes. That was stressful since I did not get to see my grandmother one last time before she passed.

I had a hard time writing or making any of the product and store changes for a while after that.

Health and Wellness changes

Finally, my health recovery journey took a twist last October with the latest blood test results. There is a history of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol on both sides of my family.

For the second time in 15 years, my blood tests registered elevated cholesterol levels. That scared me a lot because my wellness management and resources changed with lockdown.

Gale was helping with my emotional and spiritual recovery progress. But only I could take charge of my physical health.

So I made changes that also took up more time:

And so I lost track of the business and fell behind on making the store changes, the blog posts, etc. to keep this operating smoothly.

Still blogging…but not as often

For now, I’ll keep blogging about aromatherapy and herbs. But it will not be often or consistent until the chaos around me slows down some.

Love and Rainbows,


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