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Tea, Clutter & Experiments

How does it all connect?

So, tea, clutter & experiments…

To start how do you feel about drinking water all day long? Me, I am not excited at all about it. Instead, I make half a gallon of tea and drink it throughout the day.

In order  to make space for my air pot and tea pot, I had to clear some space on the counter. That got me into a bit of a cleaning frenzy and resulted in a massive decluttering of boxes and stuff around my new beverage station.

And finally,  the tea kept me awake, curious, and motivated to play and experiment with my 2021 intention this week.

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Inspiration & Resources

Not sure about you, but my network helped me through the first week with tea, clutter, and experiment inspiration.

My instructors at CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism inspired me to mix and match tea blends with hot chocolate mixes with their first newsletter of the year.

This year’s intention of Empathy + Gratitude has me accepting all kinds of challenges and experimenting with habits. That led to an intense de-cluttering and the creation of a beverage station (thanks for the idea ladies at The Home Edit).

As for de-cluttering, I’ve been following free Denise Linn’s 7 day challenge and using her tips.

From all that came introductions and meetings with new people, two new tea recipes, a beverage & breakfast station, and social media videos.

Yup, I said it. SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS. I created live videos about the January experiment on 3 channels and will continue for the rest of this month.

Instagram (Thursdays) video

LinkedIn (Fridays) video

Facebook (Saturdays) video

This social media experiment was inspired and hosted by Robin at Social Graces NOLA – the incredible marketing consultant who brought my vision to life here on the website and blog.

Winter Chai tea recipe


I admit it: I am a clutter magnet and extremely successful at creating messes when my mind and body feel scared – i.e. 99% of the time.

But this year, I wanted to challenge myself to remove all kinds of clutter from my life to make space for new habits, fun experiments, and lots of laughter among other things.

Most important, I wanted to change my environment so support successful “good” habits and remove ties to “bad” habits.

So I started reading about home organization again.

It's All Connected - Emotional baggage is the same as Physical baggage aka clutter

But that didn’t resonate with my clutter problem. The e-mail from Hay House about energetic, spiritual, emotional, and physical clutter clearing did.

Denise Linn and her approach to energetic clearing intrigued me. I have a lot of baggage, and so wondered how this could help. That led me on a week long dive into unlimited audio books and recordings from Hay House.

All I will say is that now my clutter problem and habit-changing challenges make more sense. I feel empowered to step into change with a sense of fun, unconditional love, and compassion for myself. Maybe it will help you too, maybe not. But it’s an option.

Experiments Make Impossible Possible

And so I did what would have been impossible as early as last month.

  • started journaling again every day.
  • took and passed the written exam requirement to earn the aromatherapy certification.
  • made 3 live videos on social media, shared it here on the blog, and will be making 3 more for the next 3 weeks.
  • got my research paper approved by the aromatherapy education board for my certification.
  • spoke with strangers on video conferencing and had interesting conversations with them about work
  • met a new person for the first time and was able to collaborate on the task with minimal conflict or frustration
  • participated in Facebook groups with complete strangers and had fun

From Hopelss to Hopeful - Finding Fun Again

Evening Relaxing Tea

Tea, clutter, & experiments were the last things on my mind in December. In fact, I didn’t even make any fun tea blends or conduct expeirments that month. Instead, clutter took over the apartment…again

But something changed as I read Spirit Means Business by Alan Cohen on New Year’s Eve. And I decided to find my passion again.

That meant a blogging break and some time for reflection so I could decide where and how to start 2021 as joyful and passionate about life as possible..

Love and Rainbows,


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