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Not feeling well this week – tea & inhaler time

Hi All, I’m not feeling well this week.

This time of year is difficult because my PTSD symptoms and pain increase. Nightmares and sleep disturbances are more common, and my sinuses get stuffy. That’s when I use the R&R Zzzz (sleep) and Be Well (sinuses) inhalers.

Tea works great too, so I was reviewing classes from CommonWealth Center for Holistic Medicine and recipes from Mountain Rose Herbs blog posts in their newsletter. Last week was all about the lemon balm and tulsi tea. This week is about the peppermint.

My parent’s care package arrived with gifts for Gale and me, so I’ve been binging on my favorite cookies too. Gale really enjoyed her early holiday gifts. And of course she’s been earning her name as an emotional support animal:

  • Reminding me to take breaks (see the videos and photos)
  • Nudging me to play and exercise during the day and evening
  • Cuddling with me at night and waking me up when I have bad dreams
  • Reminding me to eat and get something to drink

Right, since I’m not feeling well this week, the posts will be short. And I’ll end with some funny cat videos and photos.

Gale decided I was working too much at my other job and took matters into her own paws – she restarted the computer 1x, changed my external monitors another time, and decided to take a nap last time.

Photo Slide Show

Video 1

Video 2

For everyone else experiencing stress or not feeling well, I hope these videos make you smile (or laugh) and feel better too.

Love and Rainbows,


p.s. what do you do to feel better when you’re not feeling well?

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