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Learning from mistakes: backorders & certification

Learning From Mistakes

We all make mistakes once in a while. The important part is learning from mistakes – not making them.

Mistake 1: Not Double Checking My Ingredient Orders

So here I am with not many orders thinking I have everything I need to make all my inhalers. And whatever I don’t have will arrive on time from the Cyber Monday sale.

I get an unexpected and welcome order and realize I am missing some ingredients to make 2 of the 3 inhalers ordered. Going back to check my order history and spreadsheets, I realize 2 things:

  1. One essential oil will arrive in the next delivery so that one is okay
  2. Beware of products with the same names when making out orders for ingredients
    1. Frankincense hydrosol
    2. Frankincense essential oil
    3. Do a search and both come up in the results

What next?

Pay extra for next day delivery on a Friday night order and hope everything arrives by the end of this coming week.

Which leaves me to mistake #2…

Mistake 2: Hoping for Reliable Holiday Mail Service 

I forgot about the troubles USPS has experienced over the past years. Being understaffed and underpaid makes life difficult for everyone involved.

Late deliveries. Check

Missing ingredients. Check

Unable to fill orders when promised. Check

Either way, I am learning from mistakes. It’s a lesson learned and saved for next year

What next?

Mark products as backordered in the stores

Send out “Your order is delayed” messages

Hope & Pray the mail arrives this week.

Be kind to myself; not the first mistake and won’t be the last one 😉

Learning from mistakes

Aromatherapy Certification: Case Studies & Research Paper

How does this fit in with the title of learning from mistakes, you might wonder?

Well, one of the orders I am sending out this week is for m final case study report. After that, I have only to finish my research paper and submit everything for review. Then (I hope) I will have earned my first aromatherapy certification.

I started taking the classes in 2017 and the Aromatherapy Certification program from the Aromahead Institute In 2018. Some people finish much faster while others take even longer.

I hoped to be finished by December 2020. My goal is to complete the Scholar’s program by 2022, but I still have to complete  the Advanced Graduate program. Can’t do that until this one is finished. Plus cost + time = patience.

My paper is in its 5th draft or maybe 6th? But it feels a lot closer to finished than before a friend helped me with some editing and reference checking.

Research Paper...and Excerpt below

What’s the research paper about?

Coping with symptoms of complex PTSD and how essential oil blends can help.

The three essential oils named in the paper are: Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), and Melissa officinalis(Melissa or Lemon Balm) because they contain chemical components scientifically proven to ease symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Click on the “Continue reading” tab to read the unedited excerpt

The linalool in Lavender (López, Víctor et al., 2017) and geraniol in Palmarosa (Buch, Prakruti et al, 2012) are well known for helping people reduce the intensity and symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. But other essential oils can offer relief from feelings and sensations of anxiety too because they share chemical components in their makeup. For example, Melissa oil contains geraniol; the same chemical component that is known to reduce stress in rats according to a 2014 study conducted by Andrade, Bruna Fernanda Murbach Teles et al

According to Bowles, citronellal and citral components found in Melissa oil are traditionally considered to have calming and sedative properties (2013). Young and Tisserand both cite geraniol, citronellal and citral as being key components in Melissa oil and contribute to its relaxing therapeutic actions (2013). 

“Melissa can reach the deepest layers of the psyche, the inner child of our emotional beings” (Mojay, 2000, p.97). Maybe it’s because my trauma occurred over many years during childhood, that Melissa oil, alone or combined with other essential oils, works best for calming anxiety and relieving pain that contributes to my nightmares and flashbacks.”

Love and Rainbows,


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