Beware Scams & Social Media Learning Curves

Yikes! Beware of Scams

Yeah, I’m dating myself with the “Yikes!”, but it feels right since I feel overwhelmed with the social media learning curves.

This weekend I am on vacation and working hard to learn how social media works so that I can improve my posts there and here too. One of the things newbies like me have to worry about are scammers.

And I almost got scammed by a company on Instagram. Today’s follow up with the support person combined with some investigation confirmed the possibility it was a scam.

How do I know it was a scam?

Well, I followed up with the customer support on Instagram before writing this post and got a whole lot of crap from the person answering direct messages.

Then, I decided to re-check their website on my desktop instead of using my mobile device like last time. Happy I did that because trend micro antivirus software blocked the website. Then warned me that it has been involved in scams and transmitting viruses or malware to visitors. p.s I have a free version.

I put ¬†that information in the Instagram message and got the same “I don’t understand. How can I help you” message again. So frustrating.

So I did what felt right at the time: unfollowed that company, reported it as potential issue, and then blocked them.

Note to self: it’s all about learning. Be gentle.

I am Gentle With Myself

But, in case this business is NOT a scam and has been a victim of scammers, I am not disclosing the name right now. What I will tell you is beware of people asking for ambassadors to exchange posts and links.

Social Media Learning Curves

There is so much to learn about social media and advertising. I feel like once in a while I do something right. The next time I try, I fail and am not sure why. The question is, do I try again? Or do I stop and try something else? Do I give up all together?

Those burning questions. Beware of scams – how do I avoid them? And How Do I Not Appear to be one in ads?

I created my first Facebook ad and was pleasantly surprised by how well it was received. The second ad I created but with reservations. It started last Monday and is not getting the same attention as the last one. Granted, I didn’t know what to expect either time. Social media learning curves :/

Spreading Brand Awareness

But I didn’t create that ad with the hope of getting people to buy products this week.¬†

Nope. I fully support the Buy Nothing movement on Black Friday and shared that in the last post.

But I do want to spread awareness about my business, brand, and products without sounding like a scam or fraud.

So please beware of scams and remember that there is a social media learning curve. Patience and practice do more to teach us than anything else.

Intentions & Gratitude Affirmations

The message is:

Aromatherapy is a resource people can use to cope with stress, support goals, and make changes in their lives. I want people to know they have choices and can make informed decisions to feel “in charge” of their own health and wellness.

I am grateful to have worked with many practitioners and experts over the last 15 years who taught me about universal blessings, faith, and the power of unconditional love. Maybe this gratitude affirmation will help you too.

Universal Blessings

Love and Rainbows,


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