Personal Challenge: Changing Habits with Aromatherapy

Let’s face it: at one point or another everyone faces challenges with existing habits or trying to add new ones. You are not alone. I struggle with this too. So this time, I am trying something different by changing habits with aromatherapy support.

Maybe this can help you too.

Start with What You Don't Know

In my case, I didn’t know how to maintain habits once any for the following happened:

  • anxiety took over for long periods of time
  • PTSD symptoms of avoidance and anger got triggered
  • Dissociation distracted me until I forgot what I was doing
  • Stress, unexpected changes, and obligations interrupted and distracted me

How do I maintain changes?

When this happened, I simply stopped what and never went back. Something inside me always forced me to stop whenever I tried days, weeks, even months later. Sometimes years later, I would try again.

What I didn’t know back then (and am learning now) is that I need to improve on the system that supports creating and changing habits. One way that works for me is changing habits with aromatherapy – i.e. using scent as a reminder and reward

Focus less on the goals and more on how to reward and support myself to keep making the small changes every day. No I didn’t make that up myself. It’s a summary of what I learned so far reading High Performance Habits and Atomic Habits. These books were referred to me through the Hay House 2020 Writer’s Conference and Writer’s Community Group.


Decide What to Change

In chapter 1 of Atomic Habits, there is a great example of making 1% changes to everyday routines. Something as simple as changing a bicycle seat, going to bed 15 minutes earlier, or making a smoothie with breakfast are 1% changes.

Some of my changes include:

  • Practicing qigong, stretching, meditating or a combination of them for 30 minutes before bed every night
  • Going to bed between 8:30 and 9:00 PM 
  • Doing something for Scent Reflections 30 minutes every morning before work
  • Writing as part of my writer’s community goals for 30 minutes 3x a week
  • Putting my clothes on hangers, in drawers, or in the laundry basket after I wear them for the day

Will I accomplish all of these goals at once? No

Can I create a routine that supports these goals? yes

Can changing habits with Aromatherapy work? Yes

How Do You Know?

This was a goal for one of my aromatherapy certification participants, and it helped him establish a mediation and relaxation routine.

That’s in the next section

Create a Routine or Ritual (include rewards)

  • Before bed, I spray my pillows using a lavender room spray and use my Reframe the Tension roll on around my nose and sinuses.
  • During breaks, I drink aromatic tea and apply Lime Me Up lip balm to dry lips

How to Add Aromatherapy

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Keep It Simple

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Love and Rainbows,


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