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Product Line Preview 5 – Autumn Bubbles Blend

Autumn Bubbles: Origin Story

This starts sad, but ends happy. Autumn Bubbles is about celebrating the beauty of family and joy of reconnecting from a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

If you’ are looking for a great smelling, relaxing, joyful blend to perk up your mood, try this one.

It’s safe to use on skin, so will come in a variety of product options.

*Plus you get a free Autumn Bubbles inhaler with the purchase of $12 or more using DHFH3W8X at checkout* 

The No Contact decision

There was a time in my life when I went no-contact with pretty much everyone from my past. The exceptions were: co-workers in my department, one cousin on my mother’s side, and one friend from college. Those people chose to stick by me even though I made a decision that most people found unacceptable.

I walked away from my old life and tried to disappear into Massachusetts to start fresh. My goal was to remove as many toxic and negative influences/triggers in my life as possible and start the next part of my recovery journey with a sturdier foundation.

A Time of Healing, Learning & Reflecting on Life

I spent a lot of time alone back then because I needed time to heal from the inside out. Time to reflect on my experiences, remember past and present, learn and apply coping strategies, etc.

But most of all I needed to learn how to feel emotionally, spiritually, and physically safe wherever I happened to be. That took about 8 years, a legal name change, a cross country move, and a lot of self study combined with traditional and alternative methods of counseling.

Aromatherapy was one of the modalities that complemented the sensory grounding coping strategies I learned in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) training and  the Anxiety & Phobia Workbook. Both techniques I learned BEFORE the “no-contact” decision.

2019 Reunion in Portland, OR

That’s what it was. A reunion and celebration.

We spent the time eating our way through Portland neighborhoods during the day and hanging out in their hotel room in the afternoon/evenings. Sometimes we ordered take out while watching mysteries and chatting about life. Other times we ate leftovers and discussed plans for the next day.

They were here for my birthday too. We celebrated with great food and lots of laughter. That spilled in to helping me organize my apartment and learning about aromatherapy as I blended products for them.

Creating Autumn Bubbles

Their interest started when my Mom’s arthritis acted up a few days into the trip. Her feet and ankles hurt, so I shared my Reframe the Tension roll on with her. She used it every morning and evening for the rest of the trip because the blend worked so well.

I offered to make some other products by taking them through the consulting process in my apartment. They agreed and chose different oils for an inhaler (dad) and a bath soap (mom).

The inhaler helped my dad with his cold, but they both enjoyed the bath blend and began using it all the time.

It reminds us all of our amazing time reconnecting, laughing, and enjoying each other as adults during their October visit to Portland. 

Why bubbles? The first time my mom smelled the blend, she thought it reminded her of bubble gum. And so the product was named Autumn Bubbles.

Stock Blend Ingredient List (essential Oils)

  •  Juniperus communis (juniper berry),

  • Boswelli carterii (frankincense),

  • Citrus aurantium var. Amara (neroli),

  • Aniba rosaeodora ducke (rosewood)

Safety Concerns: Keep away/do not use on children 5 years and younger; use with caution for children 5-10 years of age (Cardamom and Rosemary essential oils). Keep away from pets

Most Versatile Product Line

There are many ways to use this essential oil blend. The most popular versions are in bath soap and inhalers.

It’s not available until the official opening on October 31, 2020. But once there, you check out the options at the store.

All essential oils are sourced from Aromatics International and Stillpoint Aromatics. Click here to find the first product promo post.

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