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Product Line Preview 4 – Be Well Blend

Be Well Origin Story

What does Be Well mean to you?

For me, it means not experiencing body memories and pain that limit what I can do. 

Every autumn or fall for the last 20+, I start getting symptoms of a head cold or sinus infection that refuse to go away. Over the counter meds did not help, and my doctors stopped prescribing antibiotics. Herbs and tea + rest and coping strategies helped a lot. But they did not address the main issue either. Aromatherapy helped sometimes, but I didn’t know enough then to really utilize it.

Reflection & Discussion with a Trauma Informed Primary Care Physician

Then one day, between 2008 and 2011, my doctor asked me if I noticed a pattern with the onset of these “colds”. She wasn’t sure if they were really colds since the typical meds did not alleviate symptoms and was exploring other options. My answer at the time was “no”.

We engaged in a reflective conversation about where I went, who I visited, the type of stress I experienced, when the symptoms started.

And I did notice a pattern. The symptoms started or got worse whenever I went places that increased my stress levels or brought out flashbacks. We discussed that, and she suggested I discuss coping strategies and options with my mental health counselor.

Discussing Body Memories And Coping Strategies

Because maybe, just maybe, these symptoms were body memories and reactions to emotional triggers from my past instead of actual physical illness. A combination of self care + coping strategies might help more than cold and flu medicine.

My counselor at the time was the first trauma specialist I worked with since starting psychotherapy in 2004. The counselor acknowledged that trauma memories can be and are sometimes stored in the physical body the same way muscle memory is developed. 


Self Awareness = Self Empowered


It was a “new frontier” of research being spearheaded by other professionals in the mental health community and something she’d been studying at professional development routines.

We agreed to explore how to adapt coping strategies to help with the physical pain (guided meditation, acupuncture, massage, etc.); then she suggested the following books if I wanted to do some self study too. (not affiliate links)

The Body Keeps  the Score

The Body Remembers

These books started me on the path to integrate aromatherapy into coping strategies with the goal to “Be Well” as often as possible.

Flash foward to Autumn 2018

I’m in a stressful and hostile living environment while starting my fist class module and had what felt like a cold at the time. That module discussed essential oils that were beneficial for helping with cold, flu, and allergies through chemical components, energetic properties and therapeutic benefits.

i.e. skin healing with anti microbial, antibacterial, antiviral, and/or anti fungal properties.

Be Well provides emotional grounding support for cold/flu/sinus infection symptoms while also supporting the immune system against cold, flu, allergies, etc. because of essential oil chemistry and plant part blending.

Be Well Inhalers & Stock Blend

Ingredient List (essential oils)

  • Cinnamomum camphorated ct 1,8 cineole (Ravintsara)
  • Rosmarinus officinalis ct camphor (Rosemary)*
  • Thymus vulgaris ct linalool (Thyme)
  • Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom)

*Rosemary’s latin name has changed to Salvia rosmarinus in the past two years. You may see either version on the ingredient lists*

Safety Concerns: Keep away/do not use on children 5 years and younger; use with caution for children 5-10 years of age (Cardamom and Rosemary essential oils). 1,8 Cineole can cause skin irritation if used often. Keep away from pets

Product Options: Be Well line

  • Product 1 is the inhaler
  • Product 2 is the stock blend
  • Product 3 is a hard salve or body butter
  • Product 4 is a DIY kit

If you are a person who uses essential oil blends for a variety of DIY purposes or prefers diffusers and room sprays, I recommend the stock blend or a DIY kit.

Depending on your skin sensitivity, existing medical conditions, being pregnant or nursing, or types of medications you use, Be Well may be usable for wash off products like hand soaps and house cleaners.

Be Well can be used short term and with caution on skin if used at a 1% dilution and combined with skin healing or nourishing carrier oils like shea butter and jojoba oil.

However that is not recommended unless you are:

  1. familiar with the safety concerns of lemongrass essential oil

  2. confident in your aromatherapy knowledge/skills

  3. willing to pay for a consultation that allows me to customize R&R Refocus for you

The first products available in the web store will be inhalers.

Collage of products

Why Inhalers and Stock Blends only?

  • Portable size that can be used discreetly anywhere inside or outside the home

  • Container is made with sturdy plastic and will not spill
  • Versatile in that one inhaler can support an individual in man different stressful or tense environments

  • Reusable as long as you can remove the plastic cap on the bottom of the container

  • Easy to use and inexpensive

  • Long lasting – inhalers can last 6 months to 1 year depending on how it is stored and how often it is used

The stock blend will be available by special request because that product takes longer to make, has a shorter shelf life, and is in limited quantity at this time.

Come back soon to learn about R&R Zzzz – made with essential oils sourced from Aromatics International and Stillpoint Aromatics. Click here to find the first product promo post.

Love and Rainbows,


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