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Product Line Preview 3 – R&R Refocus Blend

R&R Refocus: Origin Story

Have you ever felt so safe in a place or environment that you never wanted to leave? Or that you wanted to keep going back whenever you felt (your word)?

That is what R&R Refocus represents for me. One of the safe spaces I continue to go back to for support and grounding is my mental health counselor’s office. This blend started as a gift for my current counselor. It was a room spray using sweet grass hydrosol with lemon, clove bud, and clary sage essential oils.

That blend reminds me of feeling safe and accepted as my authentic self so that I can open up/be me. It reminds me that I am safe wherever I am because the tools and coping strategies are always with me in my mind.

The new version of R&R Refocus contains only essential oils and works best as an inhalation only product because of safety concerns with using lemongrass essential oil on the skin.

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Ingredient List (essential oils)

  • Cymbopogon citratus (Lemongrass)
  • Citrus limon (Lemon)
  • Salvia sclarea (Clary Sage)
  • Eugenia caryophyllata (Clove Bud)

I would give you the original recipe, but I gave it as a freebie in a guest post for OganicFacts.net back when I thought about writing for that website on a regular basis. Back then, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever use the lemon oil recipe again other than as a gift for my counselor. The editors liked the content and we got along fine, but I didn’t like the restraints that came with being a freelance writer.

With potential copyright violations in mind, I spent a month or two in 2020 revising R&R Refocus for oil-based inhalation products instead.

Product Options: R&R Refocus line

Product 1 is the inhaler

Product 2 is the stock blend. 

If you are a person who uses essential oil blends for a variety of purposes or prefers diffusers and room sprays, I recommend the stock blend.

Depending on your skin sensitivity, existing medical conditions, being pregnant or nursing, or types of medications you use, R&R Refocus may be usable for wash off products like hand soaps and house cleaners. But that is not recommended unless you are:

  1. familiar with the safety concerns of lemongrass essential oil
  2. confident in your aromatherapy knowledge/skills
  3. willing to pay for a consultation that allows me to customize R&R Refocus for you

The first products available in the web store will be inhalers.

R&R Refocus Product photo

Why Inhalers and Stock Blends?

  • Portable size that can be used discreetly anywhere inside or outside the home
  • Versatile in that one inhaler can support an individual in man different stressful or tense environments
  • Reusable as long as you can remove the plastic cap on the bottom of the container
  • Easy to use and inexpensive
  • Long lasting – inhalers can last 6 months to 1 year depending on how it is stored and how often it is used

The stock blend will be available by special request because that product takes longer to make, has a shorter shelf life, and is in limited quantity at this time.

R&R Refocus inhaler

How My Counselor & I use R&R Refocus

My counselor uses it in her office – often when she starts work. Sometimes she will re-spray parts of the room throughout the day too. When asked, she gave me permission to share that other clients enjoyed the scent too.

I use it as an inhaler for busy days at work and evenings writing blog posts. It helps me calm down and feel settled so I can focus on the tasks in front of me.

Come back next week to learn about Be Well – made with essential oils sourced from Aromatics International and Stillpoint Aromatics. Click here to find the first product promo post.

Love and Rainbows,


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