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Product Line Preview – Part 2 Reframe the Tension Blend

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Reframe the Tension: Origin Story

Life experience + work with holistic medicine practitioners have strengthened my belief that all parts of our self (mind/body/spirit) are integrated. When the mind experiences pain, the body and spirit do too. And if the pain comes from memories stored in all parts of the mind and body, it can manifest as physical pain. That pain is stored in the physical part of the body – like how athletes store muscle memories of specific actions as part of their training routines.

For me, the memories in my mind and body are of traumatic experiences from my childhood and adolescence. In the past, I tried what all the doctors and specialists suggested: work on the body pain first; then the mental pain. When the body pain refused to go away, I focused on the emotional/mental pain through psychotherapy.

That helped in many ways, but not with the physical body pain. In fact, sometimes it made the body pain worse.

Ingredient List:

Essential Oils: Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom), Ocimum basilicum ct linalool (Basil Sweet), Origanum Majorana (Marjoram Sweet), Lavandula latifolia (Spike Lavender

Carrier Oil(s): Simmondsia chinensis (liquid jojoba wax), herbal infused olive oil (sometimes), Cera flava (beeswax), Vitellaria paradoxa (butyrospermum parkii)- shea butter

It was sometime around 2010 that I started working with a trauma specialist who re-introduced the idea of integration and that maybe addressing all my pain through a combination of strategies might be more effective. And why not use my curious brain to experiment with different options?

8 years later, I am in an aromatherapy course fighting with the pain as I try to come up with an essential oil blend for the exercise. And I think to myself, why not make something for muscle tension, cramps, and pain?

After 2 years of experimentation, I introduce to you Reframe the Tension blend

Product Options: Reframe the Tension line

To learn more about Reframe the Tension and how different carrier oils can be used with it, please check out the video post here.

Reframe the Tension blend is special because it can be used in inhalation and topical products like the ones featured in the photo below.

Product Options

The first products available in the web store will be inhalers.

Why inhalers?

Aromatherapy Inhaler
  • Portable size that can be used discreetly anywhere inside or outside the home
  • Versatile in that one inhaler can support an individual in man different stressful or tense environments
  • Reusable as long as you can remove the plastic cap on the bottom of the container
  • Easy to use and inexpensive
  • Long lasting – inhalers can last 6 months to 1 year depending on how it is stored and how often it is used

The following products will be available by special request:

  • Reframe the Tension Stock blend (photo 1)
    • Best option for people who use diffusers
    • Cost effective for people who like to use essential oil blends to make their own lotions, massage oils, soaps, cleaning products, etc.
  • Roll-On or Massage oil (photo 2-3)
    • comes with a 1 oz/30 ml PET plastic container of massage oil
    • 1 roll-on container
    • 1 disposable pipette to transfer oil into the roll-on container
  • Body Butter or salve in 2 container styles (photo 3)
    • travel size deodorant container to roll on the skin
    • lotion or massage stick size to roll on the skin

How My Family & I use Reframe the Tension

As I mentioned above, I use it for different kinds of  cramps, muscle tension, tension headaches, and so on. Most of the muscle tension and tension headaches come from body memories and PTSD symptoms. The PMS cramps are a different type of pain, but still ease up with Reframe the Tension.

My mom uses it for joint inflammation, specifically in her feet. For her custom blend, I used Trauma oil as the carrier and a 1% dilution (5-6 drops of the blend, not individual oils). She used my version of the blend (jojoba wax was the carrier) while visiting me in Portland because of foot pain at the end of each day.

My latest experimental version uses the home made rose & chamomile infused olive oil and a 2% dilution. I’ve used it for the last 3 nights before bed and have been sleeping better. The herby oil scent blends nicely with the essential oils to create a relaxing aroma that lasts quite a while.

Reframe the Tension products sold at Scent Reflections will use Jojoba wax as the carrier oil and a 1% dilution for safetyChanges to dilution or other customizations require a consultation first.

Come back next week to learn about R&R Refocus – made with essential oils sourced from Aromatics International and Stillpoint Aromatics. Click here to find the first product promo post.

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