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Product Line Preview – Part 1 Origin Stories

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Product Background and Introduction

The concept behind Scent Reflections has an origin story. So does each blend in the product line.

For every product you buy, you will get a custom post card with product use details on one side and the aromatherapy blend’s origin story on the other side.

If you order a custom blend product, you will get the Scent Reflections background story on the post card back.

Scent Reflections Origin Story

Info about me and my reasons for creating Scent Reflections

To get all the details and background, check out my first blog post called “Work, Life, Menal Health: Coming Out”

Trauma-informed care includes Stress and Pain management in safe environments with people who accept us as we are. Part of my intention is to create aromatherapy products that help create safe spaces wherever the users are – even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time.

Product Line Origin Stories

There is a story behind the creation of each aromatherapy blend in the product lines. The type of products available for each blend is part of that story.

That is too much information to share in one blog post. Instead, I’ll share the origin stories and available products for each blend in the gallery below every week for the next 4 weeks. Click on the snapshot for a larger view.

Come back next week to learn about Reframe the Tension – made with essential oils sourced from Aromatics International and Stillpoint Aromatics.

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