Life Quirks: Coping with Change: Meet My Cat Gale

The Beginning It happened so fast that I still feel unprepared. I’ve been trying for over 4 months to adopt a cat through the Oregon Humane Society, but it’s been a challenge because of COVID-19-related changes to the adoption process. But on the busiest, most challenging week post-COVID, Gale came into my life. I applied […]

Life Quirks: Coping with Change – Meet My Cat Gale — Untangled Connections

Gale moved in last Friday evening. We’ve been living together for 2 days, and I swear she surprises me all the time when she’s not up to cat shenanigans – i.e. testing me to see my reactions to her behavior. Unlike most cats, Gale has free run of the 1 bedroom apartment.

She did NOT appreciate being confined to one room. Nope. Gale prefers having me in eye sight or jump-to range. That’s her comfort zone.

You can read more about her boundaries and attitude – why we get along so well – plus see more photos with funny captions by clicking the link above.

This week’s scheduled post about my products and product lines has been postponed to next week due to my roomies’ unexpected arrival 🙂

If you have cat care tips (particularly for a Siamese female), please share in the comments.

Love and Rainbows, TJ

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