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Promo Post: Grants 4 Plants Video Application

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Application Video: Grant Proposal

I applied for the Grants 4 Plants grant through Mountain Rose Herbs to help me create and share an all purpose balm that can provide stress and pain management support to people who are interested in trying something besides conventional methods.

Grants 4 Plants: A quick summary

The aromatherapy blend is called Reframe the Tension. I use it for tension headaches, muscle cramps, and other kinds of soreness that combines emotional and physical pain. My parents use it for joint inflammation. They tried it while visiting me in Portland and ended up taking a bottle home for themselves.

Then I started learning about herbs and trauma oil. Trauma oil is an infused oil made with the following herbs: arnica montana, st. john’s wort and calendula and works incredibly well. But it’s expensive and hard to get because the arnica plant is an endangered species plant.

I thought to myself, well why can’t I try to make something like that using knowledge from herbal classes and experimentation at home? Then the herbal infused oil can be the carrier oil for my Reframe the Tension blend.

And that is how this grant proposal came to be. I hope you watch the video. If you like the video and this post, please share it with the hashtag #grants4plants.

Please share or like the video #grants4plants

I started using aromatherapy and herbs because the pain meds didn’t work. Instead they made me sick.

As for stress relief and coping strategies, psychotherapy is, as a former counselor put it, “necessary but not sufficient” all the time.

The grant application is a video that explains my proposal.

I want to create this balm to give people more choices that are affordable, high quality, sustainable and effective.

This balm is one way to open up choices

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Thanks for your time and appreciate your help.

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