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Blending to Relax, Gardening for Inspiration

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Blending to Relax – Sensory Grounding Coping Strategy

I’ve been pretty quiet here the last few weeks. Part of it was stress from trying to build the e-commerce store while staying inspired as I learned the ins and outs of SEO writing and marketing. Part of it was stress from a few different posts about current events.

Essentially, I got writer’s block trying to conform to the rules of SEO writing and lost my personality somewhere…

So I took a real vacation for the first time in 5 years and spent a lot of it gardening and making essential oil blends. Why? because blending relaxes me.

It’s a big process that requires focus, mindfulness, humor, science, and use of all my senses. Last week, I refined some of my favorite blends, created new ones, and tried making lip balms for the first time.

Creative, Scientific, Intentional, and Fun

The Lime Me Up lip balm recipe is customized from a class lip balm recipe in the ACP program at Aromahead Institute. I’m lucky the instructor lets us experiment and build on her original recipes. Using lime essential oil was her idea and lots of fun since the distilled lime essential oil I got from Aromatics International is safe to use in the sun – i.e. NOT phototoxic like cold pressed lime essential oil.

And the lip balm was my final blend of the evening. Before that, I enjoyed creating a custom diffuser blend for one case study participant and a relaxing evening inhaler with a masculine scent as a gift for my cousin. The Summer Surprises blend came about because I was trying to make an Autumn Bubbles stock blend, but ran out of a major essential oil in the process.

But as you can see, I used all 5 senses during the relaxing blending session. You really can’t try on a lip balm without tasting some by accident :/

Gardening for Inspiration

And yes, gardening is a sensory grounding experience too – at least it is the way I do it. And with the herbs growing so close, how could I not pluck off a leaf or two to chew while I worked?

Digging in the dirt and loosening the plant roots really calmed my mind. I realized that I can’t and won’t be able to write this blog if I have to follow all the SEO rules every time. So I consulted with the freelance marketing specialist and got some really good feedback. Instead of trying to get a perfect SEO score, I aim for high readability and good enough SEO terms to create a decent score.

Working with the new lemon balm (aka Melissa) plants helped me in writing my research paper too. It has an amazing scent and is so beautiful. I learned so much in the re-potting process and am so happy.

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