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Custom Aromatherapy Blends – A Scent Tailored to Suit your needs

What is a custom aromatherapy blend?

A specific blend of essential oils (not more than 5) combined together to create an amazing scent and support a specific goal.

How is the blend used/applied?

That depends on the individual using the blend. In the photo above, I have a sleep inhaler with a DIY tag to help the user fall asleep or fall back asleep after waking in the middle of the night.

Other options are:

  • diffuser blends
  • roll on oil-based lotions
  • massage oils & sticks
  • other oil-based lotions
  • lip balms
  • All purpose soap (hand soap, face soap, or body wash)
Lime Me Up Lip Balm
fresh made lip balm cooling on the scale

How do you choose the essential oils?

I use the questionnaire the client fills out before our meeting and information from our interview to learn about the client’s scent preferences, delivery method preferences (inhaled or topical), texture preferences (for topical blends), specific goal, and lifestyle.

From there, I offer the client choices from a selection of essential oils that suit her or his preferences and ask the client to choose 5-6 oils. 3-5 of those oils will be used in the blend. If the blend is topical, I also offer the client a choice of carrier oils because each carrier oil has specific therapeutic properties, scents, and textures.

The next step comes from research and blending. After the interview, I do some research about the emotional and therapeutic properties of the essential oils the client suggested. Then create small samples of different combinations to see which one smells great and best supports the client’s goal.

Tools of the Trade
Essential oils, blank inhalers, measuring & blending tools & lip balm tray

Finally, I make the blend, pack it safely for mail travel, and ship it to the client with instructions for safe use and storage.

Do you have any experience doing this?

Yes, I am currently working on case studies with live people as part of my aromatherapy certification. Each case study participant has received 2 of the 4 blends and provided useful feedback I shared with my case study instructor. The instructor has also offered great insight and suggestions for helping me make better blends for my clients. And to improve my consultation questions.

Each case study participant (and all future clients) gets an introductory packet of information about essential oil safety, how the consultations work, and a waiver to sign. The intention is to create beautiful smelling blends that support you as you work on achieving your health, wellness, and lifestyle goals.

Why should I get a custom blend instead of buying something from the local store? Or trying to make one myself?

Customization allows you to choose what goes into your specific blend and feel confident that it has a better chance of working to support your and your goals.

Saves time & money. Not everyone has the time to make their own blends or the money to purchase many essential oils and carriers + containers to store, make, use their own blends. Working with a professional cuts down on space & time. Sometimes even money since you are paying for the finished product instead of all the pieces.

Knowledge & Experience. Maybe you want to learn more, but don’t have the time. Or maybe you are learning about essential oils and aromatherapy, but don’t feel confident in making your own products yet. A consultation offers the benefit of education because you are collaborating with me (or whoever you choose) to make your blend using science – essential oil chemistry – from someone who has studied with experts.

Uniquely yours. The intention is yours. The goal is yours. The product is yours. I am the facilitator collaborating with you (the client) to create a product that works for you.

But I don’t know what I like – never thought about smells like this before…now what?

That’s okay. I didn’t know anything about smells before I started learning about aromatherapy either. I learned through thoughtful experimentation in different parts of my life – basically I started paying attention to anything and everything with a smell. From there, I observed whether or not I “liked” or “disliked” a smell and asked why? The answer helped me learn about smell and scents.

If you are concerned about this, you can choose the “I am new to aromatherapy” option. That gives you a list of exercises that may help you learn about your scent preferences before the consultation. And you can ask questions via the questionnaire.

You’re not even selling anything yet. Why share this now?

Part of my goal on this website and blog is education.

By sharing this information with you in advance, I hope to provide you with tools you can use if you decide to get a custom blend from someone else or purchase a blend from a store.

Plus, now you know more about my aromatherapy philosophy. And can get a better idea of the aromatherapy services and products I plan to start selling later this year. My intention for these products is to empower my clients and customers to achieve their health, wellness, and lifestyle goals in a safe and supportive way.

Reflection: In what ways, could aromatherapy help you change your habits or achieve your goals?

Love and Rainbows,


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