Life, Interrupted – Weekly post is delayed

Greetings! I hope you all are practicing social distancing while staying safe wherever you are in this world.

If you celebrate, Happy Mother’s Day too.

I practice social distancing and only wear a mask when leaving the apartment building. However, circumstances have me considering wearing a mask and/or gloves whenever I leave my apartment…

Which brings me to the post delay:

  1. Rough week all around with a lot to wrap my head around combined with typical issues with a holiday – increased flashbacks, sleep problems, etc.
  2. Fire alarms went off in my building yesterday, so everyone had to evacuate for about 30 minutes. Social interaction is always uncomfortable. Add a stressful situation and racism to the mix, and well, let’s just say it was a lot to unpack last night.
  3. Today I have 3.5 hours of work to complete plus my usual Sunday chores and the gift for my mom – I’m making pan seared scallops and veggies with an herb-infused red wine sauce. Then taking a photo of the finished meal and sending that with the recipe for her since she loves seafood.

So, I hope to have this week’s post up and ready on Tuesday. Thanks for your patience.

Love and Rainbows ~ TJ

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