Crystals & Crystal Grids: Change your Environment by Changing the Energy flow

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When Life Gives Distractions

I’m not sure what to write about this week. My focus at Scent Reflections has been updating the website’s other pages (i.e. creating the other pages and publishing them). Click on the button above to view my crystal grid art. At home, I’ve been decorating and moving things to change the environment and the energy flow. What does that mean?

Well, the formal education version is Feng Shui. Creating positive, harmonious energy flow in our homes to balance negative energy and create a welcoming, nourishing home space. Sometimes to manifest health, wellness, prosperity, or other goals too. A lot is involved in learning how to apply feng shui, but some of the basic principles are easy to learn and incorporate into our homes.

Home Decorating to change energy movement patterns

But the DIY version is based off of feng shui principles I learned from books and other resources combined with my personal decorating tastes and knowledge of energy work. Essentially, I want my home to feel like home. A sanctuary. A safe, fun space to live, work, sleep, and enjoy. A place where my plants thrive and balanced life energy flows freely throughout the entire space.

Corner bookshelf in my old apartment

Decorating is not a strong point for me because I always feel constricted by the lease rules. And have fear triggers about putting things on walls. Triggers about creating art and displaying my preferences outside of my head. That makes me feel vulnerable because I’m claiming a space as mine.

And because I’m practicing self care by doing this. Decorating a home, for me, means taking psychology coping techniques and strategies meant for my mind and applying them to my physical world. It means creating an alter space for mediation and spiritual practice too.

In creating a physical safe space in my living environment, I am applying and integrating what I know about sensory grounding strategies, environmental self protection coping strategies, and ACT or Action Commitment Therapy strategies in a “new to me” way.

In other words, practicing integration of mind/body/spirit.

But in the past year or so, I realized that home decorating is about what makes me smile. It doesn’t have to be uniform or perfectly lined up. It just has to work for me. And I have enough control over myself now that I won’t accidentally use too much or too little strength and put holes in the walls when I use a hammer or screwdriver. And it’s okay to be noisy when I put things up on the walls or move furniture. In fact, I can’t do any of that in complete silence. But as long as I’m not obnoxiously loud that isn’t a problem either.

The nice thing about crystals and crystal grids is that they lie on flat surfaces and do not take up a lot of space. You can use a pre-made grid or create your own groupings. You decide on the types of crystals you use, color combinations, and sizes/shapes too. If you don’t want them flat, you can put them in bags and hang them on walls or door knobs. You can turn them into wired cage jewelry or sculptures too if you know how to work with metal or other materials.

Snowflake grid I made for a friend

Then, decide where to put your crystals. One in one place. Two somewhere else. A group in the bathroom. And so on. For this step, you have to dig inside yourself and listen to what your senses or intuition (or both) share. You will have to experiment with placement and move around your apartment to figure out what “feels” right. Maybe move furniture or decorations too.

The crystal grids in my art gallery are a combination of home grids, grids made for other people, and grids I made at a store and took photos of because I couldn’t afford to buy them.

So, if you feel like you want to change your environment to feel safe, protected, happy, or whatever, try moving some furniture around. Make some art and put it on display. Or create a crystal grid and leave it someplace you visit often. Crystal grids work best with an intention. So yours can be as simple as “I want to protect myself from the electromagnetic transmission (EMF) smog generated by my home office” or “I want to cook more and feel comfortable working in the kitchen”.

But how do you know when something is off? I don’t believe in/feel/sense energy moving.

Example: you walk into a room and sit down. But you feel edgy or like you can’t sit still. So you move to another part of the room. But you feel too cold there. So you move someplace else. But that still doesn’t feel right. So, even though you want to be in that room and use it more, you give up and go to your favorite place at home. That place feels welcoming and just right, but you can’t explain why or how whenever someone asks.

If you’ve experienced that before in any space, that means you recognized the energy patterns on some level. Why else would you move from place to place or just leave for no reason?

And as you become more aware of those sensations or feelings that make you uncomfortable, you can pause and observe the space to try and learn why you feel that way. i.e. what about the room feels off? Maybe you need to move a chair or add curtains? Maybe add something to the room? Or remove something?

Either way, it can be a fun exercise to learn more about what makes you feel positive, supported, protected, and joyful at home. Then maybe apply it to places or spaces or environments where you feel stressed or angry, or unsafe and learn ways to cope with those feelings so that you can feel safe/protected, supported, and confident wherever you go.

The reflection question is buried inside the last few paragraphs. But I hope this post sparks curiosity and (maybe) inspires you to make positive or neutral changes to what you can control in your environment.

Love and Rainbows ~ TJ

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