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March Bonus Booklet: An Excerpt for guests

Disclaimer: I am not an expert by any means. Not a therapist, medical or mental health professional. I do not diagnose, treat, or tell people what to do. The main purpose of this website and blog is education and support. If you are unsure how the suggestions and resources here may affect you, please discuss any changes to your existing treatment plan with your medical and mental health providers first.

Dear Guests,

I realize there may be some skepticism about joining the mailing list. And to be honest, I feel the same way too. The same thing about using the word “donations” to ask people to contribute money to keep this business and Untangled Connections going. It feels awkward and brings out many triggers (a story I will share someday on Untangled Connections).

But I still have to make money – at least enough to pay for the upgraded accounts and programs that allow me to share new and high quality content – too. Facebook is a cheap and easy way for me to experiment with videos. It’s also a way for you to contact me if you want to ask questions. But most of my plans for this site involve more money than I have right now.

Then I realized “oh that is why my favorite author’s share snippets and excerpts” because people like knowing what they are getting in advance. And they like getting exclusive content that is not available for free on the blog or in other locations.

So, I’m sharing two excerpts from the March bonus booklet here. The newsletter will go out on March 31st so there is time to sign up and get the full booklet if you are interested reading more. No pressure, just options.

Excerpt from “Introduction”

This guide started as a conversation between myself and the young woman cleaning my apartment. We started discussing education based on a mutual love of plants, herbs, and aromatherapy. I felt compassion for this young woman and related to her frustration about finding better paying jobs without a college degree. At the time, I was looking into alternative education tools for my team.

~TJ Hom

Excerpt from “Types of Resources” section of the booklet

Career Changes

Instead, I am blessed with a career that allows me to utilize my skills, help people, and pursue other opportunities in my own time. My paid job allows me to write documentation, help people on my team, coordinate and communicate as a liaison with other departments, learn new skills, and work with a variety of people from the comfort of my home. These people are my co-workers, mentors, supervisors, teachers, and role models. They inspire me to keep on learning and pursuing other interests too.

I’m currently enrolled in multiple on-line learning courses outside of work and writing these blogs. The goal is to achieve knowledge, experience, and confidence from the certificate programs so that my business flourishes. That way I can pursue a career change (or multiple career changes) in the future while still being financially stable. 


Writing is a given because it’s something I have to do – even if I don’t make any money doing it. But I am lucky enough that my paid job allows me to use my writing skills and continue learning how to improve and add to that skill set by combining the written word with other kinds of media too.


Providing education, resources, and support is something I want to do that also fills my vocation of service – it’s not something I absolutely need, but does make a job or task easier if helping others is included. I learned that the hard way. These days, I only accept opportunities that allow me to learn, be creative, and help others in direct or indirect ways outside of work.

Holistic Medicine

Aromatherapy is a way for me to be creative, offer support, and make money through custom aromatherapy blends and a product line that promotes stress relief and healthy living through small changes in our daily routines.

Herbalism is a way for me to be creative, stay healthy, and show others how they can incorporate healthy habits into their lives too. While I am an herbal enthusiast at this stage, I hope to some day earn the title of herbalist.

Incense is a (to me) mysterious, complicated, intriguing aspect of plant medicine that sometimes scares me too. I’ve enrolled in incense-making classes and hope to complete them this summer. For me, it’s a way to enjoy the healing benefits of herbal smoke without smoking. 

Acupressure is something I am learning about indirectly through working with students and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. The students answer my questions and show me ways to use acupressure and massage in between sessions.

Movement Therapy is something I pursue for educational and personal purposes only. I am on a quest to find a trauma-informed practitioner who can help me achieve my movement goals. Then share the knowledge.

Crystals and Crystal Healing is a hobby and a resource I use as part of Sensory Grounding Coping Strategies and meditation practice. It’s also a form of art therapy when I make grids.

~TJ Hom

Love and Rainbows ~ TJ

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