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Sensory Movement Challenge Day 4: Working from the Inside Out (aka energy work/internal body movement)

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The downside to physical exercise and movement on an external level is that it makes me tired on an emotional and spiritual level too. Physical movement creates movement on the outside (what you and others can see) and on the inside (visible with x-ray, CAT scan, MRI, etc.) or energetic level (if you believe in ESP, sensitives, or psychics this is visible with the “other” senses). Internal movement has many names including circulation, chi flow, kundalini, breathing, etc.

Internal movement promotes healing because it helps remove toxins (move lymphatic fluid/elmination), digest food, bring nutrients to our cells, and cycle oxygen into and carbon dioxide out of our lungs among other things. Without internal movement and external movement our cells and tissues cannot stop blockages from forming; ensure all parts of our physical forms get nutrients; and maintain homeostasis.

Energy work or energy healing is another way of working with our life force aka vitality aka chi aka qi aka kundalini in combination with blood circulation, breath, and our physical body to promote cell function and the healing process that allows cells to nurture and heal damage while also removing toxins and unhealthy organisms from the inside out.

That’s what I did today. It was about 3-4 hours long because I was really tired, and all parts of me got involved in the process. There was a lot going on – more than muscle relaxation or qigong or yoga meditation and breathing exercises. I was working with all parts of myself to remove body memories and open blockages that were causing physical pain, cramps, headaches, and swelling before they got worse and triggered flashbacks, panic attacks, and sleep disturbances too. In the final stages, I’d start dissociating, switching personalities without conscious thought, and experiencing memory loss.

Luckily, I’m only in the first stage and have not moved into any of the others this month. To do this, I went into the warmest, most comfortable space at home – my bed. Then I lay down, pulled the covers over my head, and moved into a mostly lying down position with my arms where they felt most comfortable.

Next came the deep breathing with eyes closed. With each breath in, I observed where the breath traveled to inside my body: lungs, chest, shoulders, abdomen, belly, hips, back, kidneys. With each breath out, I followed the path upwards and out through my nose and mouth.

As I did this, different parts of my body started to vibrate or give “pain” signals. Every time I felt a vibration or a “pain” signal, I would travel to that area, acknowledge the sensation, and observe how the sensation(s) changed with each breath. If the sensations felt blocked, like energy was stuck and needed help moving, I would visualize and direct energy into helping remove the block so that energy could flow freely. If the sensations felt empty, like there was an empty space that needed to be filled, I would visualize and direct energy to “fill” the space with nutrients and healing energy until it felt balanced or healthy. Same thing with areas that felt “tight” or “loose” or “spongy” or “hard” like rocks.

Each time, the goal was the same, promote balance and flow so that my vital energy force could move freely within my physical body to promote circulation of fluids. Circulation meant all cells got nutrients and support to do their jobs and be healthy. Circulation meant all toxins and waste materials left my body on a regular basis instead of building up or getting stuck and causing problems.

Once everything felt like it was balanced and moving, I shifted back to observing how my breath moved with each inhale and exhale for a few minutes. Then started wiggling my toes and feet. Moving my ankles and knees. With every breath, I visualized moving my energy downwards into earth through the bottoms of my feet. Then back up into my body through my fingers and head to the air/sky/heaven/source.

With each set of inhale/exhale, I’d send energy downward to connect and integrate with earth for grounding and stability; then bring it back up and through my body to mix my energy with earth energy and ground all of my self into the present. Each time energy leaves me and goes into the earth, I willingly share some of my vital force with earth, i.e. leave a little of me in the earth. Each time energy moves from earth into me, a little bit of earth energy mixes with my energy and stays with me.

Same thing happens with air/sky/heaven/source energy.

A funny thing happens with this kind of energy work. It’s called a multiplication effect. In the process of moving, circulating, and working with my energy, earth energy, and sky energy (for simplicity), I create more neutral energy than my body can contain within itself. That energy has to go somewhere or it will leak out of me and cause havoc with my electrical and mechanical stuff. Possibly even neighbors’ electronics and machines too if I get overwhelmed or careless.

So the final part of my internal movement exercise begins. I start with a prayer of gratitude to the Source (aka God, Goddess, Buddha, etc.) for providing me with the knowledge, guidance, support, and protection to do this internal movement/energy work. Then I offer freely the extra energy for healing and helping other living beings through the Source. And as I go through this prayer (it’s a lot longer and changes each time, but this is the gist of it), I visualize an energy transformer and recycling machine connected to my energetic body and connected to Source.

The excess energy travels through me, into the transformer, gets recycled into neutral healing energy, and is delivered straight to the Source. My faith in a higher power allows me to believe that this energy is used to heal, provide support, and help others who can use a positive boost in their lives – human and otherwise.

Reflection: If you believed in energy work or internal movement, how would you try this in your life?

Love and Rainbows ~ TJ

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