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Movement Challenge – I tried to make a video and can’t get it to work on WordPress; will try again soon

Disclaimer: I am not an expert by any means. Not a therapist, medical or mental health professional. I do not diagnose, treat, or tell people what to do. The main purpose of this website and blog is education and support. If you are unsure how the suggestions and resources here may affect you, please discuss any changes to your existing treatment plan with your medical and mental health providers first.

I made an unedited “live” video for tonight, but don’t know how to compress the video enough to make it look good here on WordPress. Every time I upload, it looks fuzzy and blurry and takes forever. Not sure you’d even be able to watch it.

So I’m going back to the thinking board tomorrow to try again.

Today, though, I’ll share some thoughts about coronavirus:

To begin, Oregon has declared a “State of Emergency” with regards to the coronavirus. All week long, building management, company I work for, doctor’s offices, etc. have been sending emails and updates with safety and prevention tips. I mentioned it once at the beginning of the week because I didn’t want you all wondering what happened in the unlikely event that I did catch it and get sick.

For the most part, I am following the guidelines and staying safe at home and hope you are too. My family, friends, and I are coordinating resources and sharing information via the Internet and snail mail.

Because I want to be honest, authentic, and transparent with you, I am NOT telling you what to do or sharing resources about the coronavirus.

I WILL tell you that maintaining optimal health and using the coping tools you have will support your immune system so that it is better armed to “fight off” any illnesses you come in contact with. That is personal experience talking.

And I am praying for all of us living beings affected by the coronavirus (specifically) and illness (in general) to get the support they need to manifest their health and wellness goals. Also sending out/channeling healing energy from source to all living beings.

Please take care and be safe wherever you live.

Love and Rainbows ~ TJ

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