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ADMIN: Added a store page; updated privacy policy page

Disclaimer: I am not an expert by any means. Not a therapist, medical or mental health professional. I do not diagnose, treat, or tell people what to do. The main purpose of this website and blog is education and support. If you are unsure how the suggestions and resources here may affect you, please discuss any changes to your existing treatment plan with your medical and mental health providers first.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. For more details you can visit the Untangled Connections blog post here.

I’m using a PayPal integration to accept 1x payments and contributions to help support Untangled Connections on the new Scent Reflections Store page (not yet in the main menu). Because I created the store page, I also updated the privacy policy page with information about payment options and Return/Exchange policies.

The Scent Reflections LLC store page is a work-in-progress as I am still working out the details to provide a SAFE, reliable merchant sales solution that accepts credit card payments without storing your information and can process returns/exchanges easily too. My original goal was to have the store and products up and running by July 2020, but due to some unexpected personal events it might not happen until fall or winter 2020.

Besides setting up the store and its product pages, I also have to set up the aromatherapy/herbalism pages, the portfolio page, and the crystal art page first.

But my loyal Untangled Connections guests deserve something in advance for all their support, feedback, content suggestions, etc. So I am using the PayPal integration to offer them this option to support Untangled Connections before the store officially opens this year. If you want to make a contribution to support Untangled Connections too, you are welcome to do so.

But no pressure. The fact that you visit and follow this website is more than enough.

Look for a post about the Movement challenge tomorrow

Love and Rainbows ~ TJ

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