Move with sensory grounding activities; 1 week challenge
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Movement Challenge – Invitation to Participate

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Next Sunday, I’m starting a 1 week self care challenge to help me cope with the overwhelming feelings of grief that come up every year between February and April. You can read more about it on today’s blog post at Untangled Connections.

If you want a refresher about my ideas regarding movement, check out last week’s post.

Move with sensory grounding activities; 1 week challenge

I will be posting every day for 7 days about one activity that fits both the movement and sensory grounding categories of coping strategies and self care. Most of the time there will be photos. Fingers crossed they are related to the topic and not random, but no promises 🙂

And, I may even do a Facebook Live on the Scent Reflections facebook page next Saturday as part of the challenge’s last post. If I do use Facebook live and the weather is nice, you will get to see the view from my balcony. If not, probably another view of the indoor garden. I’m still working out the details of office space and unpacking so don’t really want to show off the rest of my space.

p.s. the Facebook page is not that interesting. Past posts from Scent Reflections and some posts from Untangled Connections live there right now.

How to Participate

I hope you join me in this challenge. Here are some ways you can participate:

  1. Comment on the post
  2. Comment on the Facebook page (blog posts are shared there too) and include a photo or image
  3. Share on social media

Reflection: How can you incorporate movement that also provides sensory grounding support into every day life? (I’ll be thinking about this all week too)

Love and Rainbows ~ TJ

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