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I’m Thirsty? – Week 1 Gardening Lessons Learned & March Newsletter Special

March Newsletter – I’m starting out of order

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I’m thirsty? Maybe – Lessons Learned from Gardening week 1

Cuttings from a dying snake plant

One of my snake plant’s didn’t survive the re-potting from last week.

But the internet gardeners said I could take cuttings from the top of the plant, soak them in water for a few weeks, and hopefully get new plants if the roots grow from the bottom.

I’ve failed the last three times trying this with other plants, but maybe this time will work. I have hope and am working hard to remember that the water needs to be changed every 3-4 days to prevent mold.

Coffee Plant with some issues
Dark green leaves are new growth. Yellow leaves are older. Brown spots are root damage from when I had to separate some of the stems last year.

The indoor garden (main photo) looks like it’s getting better. I (think?) I saved 2 of the snake plants and re-potted them too. My bromeliad was looking sad in its old pot, so it got moved again to a pot with fresh succulent soil. Same with my jade plants and other succulents. I’ve made the mistake of over watering too much in the past, but now it seems like I am under watering them. I keep seeing dried out baby leaves on some of the stems and healthy leaves on other branches. On the good side, my other plants seem to be okay with minimal issues. I’m keeping an eye on them, but so far so good.

But I’m worried about the coffee plant (left) because it’s leaves are turning yellow, and its top inch of soil is continually dry. I can’t tell if it’s yellow from over watering or yellow from being thirsty, etc.

Seriously, though, watering my plants is the most difficult part of gardening and upkeep. Proper soil and food is a challenge since I’m never sure if they need extra food or when to change their soil, but that can be answered with a quick call to the garden center or an internet search. Pests require more details and info, but not as hard since I am a kinesthetic learner – learn best by doing.

Plants growing out of season? Well that is something I am getting used to with them. They are assertive and independent plants, my friends. Now it’s up to me to pay attention and learn their language.

My new plants got moved to the balcony mid-week after I noticed their soil drying out fast and their leaves drooping. The garden center helped with that. But I still worry about over watering them. They seem to like the new spot, though, and have grown a bit too.

Reflection question: what mistakes (if any) have you learned from this week?

Love and Rainbows ~ TJ

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