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Self Care Challenge 1/22/2020 – Take Breaks

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Action: Take short, long, medium breaks to hydrate, rest, re-fuel and relax in between work and packing

Intention: Use the breaks to give all parts of my self time to relax and recalibrate instead of getting stuck in mental anxiety loops, pushing too hard and too fast to accomplish tasks, and stressing out over all the packing left to do before the movers come tomorrow.

Reflection: I feel like I failed this challenge even though I’ve taken a variety of breaks throughout the day. It’s about 8:30 PM pacific time, and I still have to pack my clothes, dishes, blankets, printer cartridges and a variety of small items.

But, if I look at it from and observer’s perspective, I was successful. I finished work on time. Got my mail to Fedex. Picked up a mail box. Remembered to eat regular meals and snacks. Drank tea and streamed TV/movies. Talked with family. And packed 80% of my items.

Also, I arranged for the movers to help me pack up any items I did not get to pack before they show up early in the morning. I feel tired and energized at the same time.

The packing part is easy to finish tonight. I will put all my clothes and small items in boxes. Pack as much of my dishes as possible. Let the movers take down and pack the prints on my walls, curtains, curtain rods, hangers, etc. It will cost a little extra, but worthwhile in the end because of the short time frame for this move.

But the cleaning up part after the move is what really scares me. After the movers finish here, they will drive the truck to my new place. I have to get there on my own; let them in to bring all the items in my apartment and put the bed together; pay the movers; and come back to the old apartment to clean it out and leave my keys.

Technically, the old apartment is mine until the end of the month. But I struggle with the whole “I want to get everything done ASAP and put it behind me” mindset.

So maybe today’s challenge was both success and failure. I took breaks and managed to relax. I experienced the stress and anxiety. And coped with all that the best way possible.

Reflection challenge: What do you do when you feel like you failed?

Love and Rainbows ~ TJ

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