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Self Care Challenge 1/21/2020 – Stay Hydrated

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Tea preparation: electric kettle, my favorite mug & custom herbal tea blend

Action: Make two kinds of delicious tea (chamomile in a tea bag and custom loose leaf tea made from plantain and calendula) to stay hydrated today.

Intention: Prevent dehydration and stress-related headaches, muscle pain, fatigue and distraction by making herbal tea to promote the following actions:

Infuser travel mug with custom blend; cup of chamomile with loose leaf tea and kettle
  • Calm/muscle relaxation (chamomile tea)
  • Encourage circulation and drying out of lymphatic fluids to reduce congestion and drain my sinuses (plantain and calendula blend learned from herbal materia medica class)
  • Promote feelings of hunger/support digestion so that I don’t lapse into stress-related periods of not eating

Reflection: Yesterday I went to bed feeling dry. That happens sometimes with drinking too much calendula and plantain tea; I’m still experimenting with how much (1 cup or 2 or more?) tea is enough in one day. At the same time, I felt grateful the tea was working enough that my nose and sinuses did not feel puffy and sore today.

This morning I woke up thirsty, but not hungry. Remembering that I forgot to drink enough liquids yesterday, I decided to make tea early this morning using my favorite mug and favorite infuser travel mug. The mason jar with dried herbs is my personal blend of dried plantain leaves and calendula flowers.

A view of the travel tea mug with infuser cap

So, I made the easy tea first – chamomile in a tea bag – and slowly sipped from my 20 oz mug throughout the morning. That relaxed me and helped me focus while also stimulating my appetite – not usual but happy it happened. After work, I felt the urge to drink the custom blend that required a longer hot infusion (10 minutes +) for optimal brewing to my taste. As I write this post, the tea is almost finished (14 oz container with about 10-12oz of tea) and ready for the next brew tomorrow.

Yes, the best part about making my own herbal tea blends is that I can re-use them to make multiple cups of tea. Sustainable, delicious, and fun to make.

I started with the intention to feel joy, laughter, peace and vitality – infuse my tea with unconditional love, acceptance, healing, and resilience – as I blended the tea. Throughout the day, I used the act of drinking tea as part of a mindfulness and sensory grounding coping technique.

  • Look at the tea and container.
  • Smell the tea. Taste the tea. Listen to the tea bag or herbs and water move in the container.
  • Listen to the sounds each container made as it was picked up and put down.
  • Feel the weight of the containers, the texture of the containers and teabag’s string, the slide of tea on my lips/tongue/mouth/throat as I swallowed.
  • Taste the flavors on my lips and tongue before swallowing.

Integrate the physical sensations with emotional and spiritual sensations as all parts of me joined together in these moments to communicate and enjoy a small success.

Reflection question: What small act of self care did you do for yourself today?

Love and Rainbows ~ TJ

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