Self Care Challenge: 1/20/2020 – Aromatherapy Inhaler for Emotional Support & Panic Attacks

Inhalers are easy to make, portable, and discreet. i.e. use anywhere any time.

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Action: Smell essential oil blend in the aromatherapy inhaler when I felt triggered, overwhelmed, or distracted at work.

Intention: Use the essential oil blend to bring me back to the present moment when I feel panicked or stressed out.

Reflection: Some people call it a “power pause”. Others call it “mindfulness”. I personally call it a sensory grounding strategy that provides emotional support + cold/flu/allergy prevention by engaging my senses – smell and vision.

Today, I felt distracted and tense, on the verge of panicking. I woke up with the intention to work and go to the new apartment to finish the move-in checklist. Then come back and pack before bed time. Work was busy though; I was distracted thinking about my move and feeling triggered by lack of sleep + stress from getting everything ready for Thursday.

Pause to look at my inhaler.

Then open it and smell the custom blend of essential oils brought me back to the present moment.

The scent reminded me of peace, love, and laughter. I was so happy and excited when I made it last November. But also experiencing a bad head cold. The essential oils chosen have therapeutic properties that help reduce symptoms of cold and flu while also providing emotional support and grounding. I used it about 3x today.

When it wasn’t near by (I keep this one at my work station), just thinking about the blend made me stop and smile.

Reflection question: What small act of self care did you do for yourself today?

Love and Rainbows ~ TJ

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